Innovation, research, and development by MOIA

Stabilimento OMR/MOIA a Borgaro Torinese (TO)

Founded in 1985 and acquired by OMR Serrature in 2006, MOIA is an Italian company specialised in the production of high-quality locks that has always kept the production process in Italy, therefore becoming a reference point in the design, production and sale of locks and locking systems, both mechanical and electronic. The constant innovation of prcesses and a particular attention to the market’s requirements have allowed the company to always go further with the goal of generarating value for the national retailer network and for the final users.

A strong technical office

One of the strengths that has allowed the company to always keep up with the times and to become a reference point of the true Made in Italy, is the internal design office, which, for years, has been developing locking systems from scratch based on the customer’s needs, or starting from products already present on the market and that have been discontinued or that are not available anymore. The fact that MOIA is truly Made in Italy has allowed us to offer customized solutions, respecting the technical requests down to the smallest detail and at the same time guaranteeing high quality materials and design. During these years of production and research, the MOIA team has designed and updated various safety locks on the market while maintaining overall dimensions and measures, but increasing safety and performance thanks to new technologies and advanced functions. An example of this process is the RCE Series, a line that combines the security of the latest generation mechanical locks with the dimensions and sizes of some historic product series that have unfortunately left the market.

Investing in production processes

MOIA also invests in the modernization of production processes and the latest example of this evolutionary drive has taken the form of the new electronic warehouse. Fifteen meters high and positioned on the north side of the factory, this electronic warehouse is able to manage and handle over 500 models of locks. This new automated logistics process makes it possible to greatly speed up the collection phase in order processing, drastically reducing the margin of error and providing a better and faster service.

Sustainability as a company value

MOIA has always made a priority out of the attention to the environment and workers’ rights: the company adopts sustainable company policies, such as the use of recyclable materials for packaging, the adoption of low environmental impact production systems, the production of green energy thanks to the photovoltaic panels installed on the plant (see photo above), and the compliance with European and national regulations on safety and workers’ rights. MOIA continues to stand out as a leader on the market of high quality locks thanks to the quality of the products, the respect for the environment and workers’ rights, and the commitment to research and development of innovative and historical solutions with a mix of creativity and Italian genius.

We believe that only by following this path made of innovation and research, attention to the environment and workers’ rights, will the company be able to maintain its leadership on the market and continue to grow in the future: we invest to remain competitive and by your side for the years to come, imagining a world that is more equitable, efficient and respectful of nature.