An APP for fitters, technicians and salespeople

The MOIA App(for iOS and Android) dedicated to security sector experts is back online and available for download. Our app was designed with one main goal: to help professionals to find the right lock in a few clicks, starting from observing the environmental data. The concept is simple, but in some way revolutionary, because it offers a guided path that, starting from the simple observation of the door, leads in a few clicks to the correct replacement lock for that installation.
To be as impartial as possible, we entrusted a first use test of the app to an external and non-expert person. We asked to find the spare MOIA lock to replace the one mounted on a door of some customer. Let’s see how it the experience was, if the process is really intuitive as we imagined here in the company, and if even a non-expert can find the right spare lock in just a few clicks.

“When I opened the app, I found myself in front of the orange welcome screen. I pressed the start button and started answering the questions the app was asking me. In a moment I arrived at the correct lock to replace the one in front of me. I must say that having been in the industry for years, I didn’t think an app could be useful to me, but I had to admit that it is convenient and even fun. In four clicks, the app gave me access to all the technical data of the lock: step, key, technical drawings, variants and codes, not bad! I think I’ll save it on the phone for a while to see if it helps me in everyday life”

If Giacomo, who is our friend and is a teacher, succeeded (and whom we thank for offering himself as a guinea pig), we are sure that experts like you will get the app in pocket, enojoing its speed and comfort.

In addition to the search function, the app offers many resources that can always be useful to the public for which it was designed: fitters, technicians and sales professionals in the security sector. By accessing the menu using the classic button at the top on the left (the three dashes), access is activated to the News section where you can find the latest news from MOIA, to the Events section – training and company happenings -, to arrive up to the Videos where a series of contributions from our Youtube channel are collected: news and free tutorials at your fingertips. And also Useful tools, the Products section which is practically our catalog in app format. The inevitable Contacts offers quick and direct access to our customer service, always ready to assist you with kindness and professionalism.

We invite you to download the App and let us know how it went in the comments!